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The problem

Cardiovascular diseases & diabetes are the leading causes of death globally!

They cause more deaths (57%) than all other causes together and affect most low- and middle-income countries. Today, there are 424.9 M diagnosed diabetic patients in the world and that number is expected to go up to 628.6 M by 2045 [1]. Furthermore, 25% of diabetes patient costs are a consequence of a cardiovascular disease [2].

[1] International Diabetes Foundation (2017). Diabetes Atlas, (8), p.41
[2] American Diabetes Association (2018). Economic Costs of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2017. Diabetes Care, 41(6).
Our solution

Meet Glyco - a doctor in your pocket

To tackle this global problem, we'd like to monitor both ECG & glucose levels non-invasively with a wearable monitor. Our ground-breaking sensor technology and AI deliver clinically accurate heart activity and glucose level monitoring.

The three biggest advantages to a traditional (invasive) ecg & glucometer are that it is a cheaper long-term solution; it is a non-invasive measurement method; and it offers a more holistic picture of the patient’s health because it tracks the function of the heart and glucose at the same time – for the same price.

This has never been done before.


1: Develop an experimental proof of concept

In this phase we will research on the correlation between ECG and glucose level and develop a machine learning algorithm to match the research results. At the end of the phase we will have a proof of concept.

2: Build a prototype

In this phase we will specify user and software requirements and develop the application. We will conduct initial testing, validation and verification of the prototype.

3: Validate in lab environment

In this phase we will design a detailed experimental plan and conduct thorough testing with existing ecg and glucose databases. We will validate the results and improve the prototype.

MONTHS 13-16
4: Demonstrate in relevant environment

In this phase we will conduct clinical studies on real patients, gather real data. We will validate and verify results in order to sum up recommendations for further improvement of the prototype.

MONTHS 17-20
5: Finalize a qualified system

In this phase we will re-design prototype based on feedback from testing and quality control procedures as well as user experience testing. We will improve algorithms and fine tune to match the medical standards. We will finalize the software development.

MONTHS 21-24
6: Manage quality and knowledge protection

In this phase we will develop an intellectual property and quality management plan, apply to WIPO and notified bodies for CE and FDA certification of medical devices. Finally, we will promote the product on the market.

project start: October 2018
project end: September 2020


We are software engineers, computer scientists, medical researchers, cardiologists, entrepreneurs

We have strong professional backgrounds in pioneering telemedical technologies, and we've been involved in related projects, namely NATO SIARS project and ECG alert.

We are dedicated to medical innovations using technology.
If you share our values, give us a shout at

hello [at] glyco [dot] com

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